Colon Cleanse Enema Bag Kit Blue Hot Water Bottle 2 Quart

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Colon Cleanse Enema Bag Kit with Tubing & Nozzle Tips - 2 Quart Blue Rubber Hot Water Bottle - Coffee / Shower / Douche & Home Enema Kit

Be confident and prepared with this Blue Enema Bag / Hot Water Bottle Cleansing Kit. This 2 quart enema bag kit includes a tapered tip, nozzle tip, easy hang hook, flow control clamp and 5 feet of flexible tubing. This kit is an easy-to-use and effective cleansing system that has everything you need for a thorough and comfortable cleanse.


 COLON CLEANSING ENEMA BAG: 2000 ml enema bag kit with flow through stopper, hoses, and easy glide applicator for comfortable in home enema relief. An easy and healthy way to complete an at home colon cleanse.

★ HOME ENEMA KIT: Highest quality medical grade reusable bag features wide easy to clean opening, hoses & hanging clips.

★ HOT WATER BOTTLE & EASY GLIDE HOSES: Enema bag doubles as hot water bottle. Comes with premium hoses and easy glide comfort applicator for gentle relief.

★ 2 TIPS - Along with the 2 quart coffee and water enema bag, you will receive a colonic irrigation nozzle as well as a soft, flexible, slimline tip.

★ USE AS IN SHOWER ENEMA OR WITH COFFEE ENEMA KITS: Perfect for use in shower, as water enema bag, douche bag or with popular essential oil or coffee enema kits.

Package Include: 

1 x Blue Enema Bag 

1 x Enema Tube 

1 x ABS Pothook 

2 x Washing Heads 

1 x Flow Control Clamp 

1 x Switched Head

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