Enema Syringe - 150 ML Anal Vaginal Cleaner

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Enema Syringe 150ml Plastic Handy Silicone Hose Appliances for Douche Dispensing, Injection, Filtration

Large Capacity: It is a syringe with accurate measurements for your purposes. 150ml large plastic syringe, good for nutrient and measuring. High-quality Large syringe, easy to used and reusable. Each syringe is individually sealed. Clean and accurate alternative to pouring liquids into measuring cup or spoon.

Safe and Reusable: From the previous glass tube improved for the plastic tube. Not only save the price several times, and not as fragile as the previous glass. After sterilization it can be repeatly used.
Durable and Transparent Tube: Pure rubber products, easy to use and durable. Enema tube improved to transparent color, you can clearly see the liquid running in the tube. The syringes eliminates splashing or spilling of liquids.

Easy To Use: Easy to control the amount of lotion, a person can complete the colon hydrotherapy process. Leakproof, vacuum from plunger operational no leakage. Siliconized gaskets provide a consistently smooth plunger motion and positive stop.

Clean and Verstile: Sterile, latex free, non-pyrogenic and non-toxic. Harmless material, can be assured to use, protect your personal health. Ideal for nutrient measuring, motoring applications and many other uses. It also used for a variety of purposes in personal healthcare, scientific labs, veterinary clinics and more.

Material: rigid plastic 
Push rod: polypropylene
Capacity: 150ml / 150cc 

Package Includes: 
1 Plastic Syringes 150ml
1 Tubes 

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