Returns & Refunds

Ourl’s promise

We want you to love our products as much as we do. All items we ship have successfully passed International QC inspection. We try our best to ensure you have a fantastic experience while giving you total peace of mind.

Return Policy

We kindly advises every customer to read the following regulations carefully before purchase. Before you make any decision, please contact us first. Reliable, responsiblehelpful and flexible, here our enemahome group is always offering a great support to satisfy you. 

The outer packing is broken or out of shape

1.  Immediately file a case and get a paper proof with a stamp from the courier company. 
2.  Send us an email with some pictures or video showing the defective items, package situations and the case number or paper for proof. 
3.  With the case number we will quickly confirm the incident and get the compensations from the shipping courier.
4.  If approved, we will send you a new replacement or give you full refund of the defective item. 
In this situation, we may ask you to send back the defective item before we send you a new one if it is in high value.

The outer packing is perfect in a good shape while the inside is broken 
1.  Please immediately send some images about package and defective items to our service people.
2.  After confirmation, we will resend you a new replacement or give you a total refund. 
In this situation, we can almost judge that the defect is caused by the warehouse packing such as lacking strong bubble protection, so our warehouse department staff will also make some improvements in packing aspect.
We may ask you to send back the defective item before we send you a new one if it is in high value.

Items Missing on Arrival

1. Please immediately contact the shipping courier and file a case there.

2. Tell us the case number and send us some pictures showing all items you get on arrival, all the labels on the packing, and also the package situations. 

3. We will resend you the missing items after we confirm the situation. 
Most importantly, if you have the taxation fee receipt, don't hesitate to take a picture for us as the weight can tell something about the missing. 

Items Wrong on Arrival

If the item you received is completely different from the one you ordered, e.g. different color, different model etc.
1.  Please contact us with photos or video about the package and items. 
2.  If you are willing to keep the wrong items, we will offer a 5% of the item value for compensation. If you don’t want to keep it, you can return for the right one.

Notes: In all cases above, please indicate us your order number in order that we can find out your order information quickly.